Americans overwhelmingly want UFO ‘X-files’ to be made public

As the U.K. government gets set to make its classified UFO files available to the public, the majority of Americans want the U.S. government to do the same.

According to consumer research firm Piplsay, 61 percent of survey respondents want the U.S. government to declassify the country’s so-called “X-files.” A similar percentage, 58 percent, said they believe the U.S. government “actively investigates extraterrestrial life.”

Breaking down the survey further, 63 percent of Millennials and those in Generation X said they want the U.S. to release its UFO files, while 39 percent of those questioned said they believe Area 51 is a place where “secret alien missions” are conducted. Some 34 percent of respondents said Area 51 was just an aircraft testing ground, while 27 percent said they were not sure.

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