European Defense Industry Cracking Down on UFO and ET Discussion

There is now a rapidly building culture within governments of taking control of public narratives that are ‘controversial’. The European Commission’s Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS), announced that it will begin to crack down on online discussion relating to the ‘flat earth’, UFOs, and aliens, as they feel this is harmful disinformation. They intend on working within the EU Digital Services Act to put a censorship plan in place in the coming months. But who decides what is disinformation and what isn’t? How will the public even know what is being censored and what is not?

There has been a veil of secrecy around the UFO subject for years. Governments deny what their own intelligence communities know to be real. When the US Navy released UFO videos a couple of years ago, people began to realize that a subject long ridiculed was in fact heavily studied by governments, even as authorities pretended nothing was there. How long might the government lie about other pieces of UFO/ET information before they admit it was true all along?

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