Space Force’s International Partnerships in Commercial Space Industry

• At the Air Force Association’s Virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium on February 25th, Space Force chief of operations, General John “Jay” Raymond, said that Space Force will prioritize collaboration with the commercial space industry and partners around the world. The commercial space industry has lowered the barriers to space, so that almost all Space Force missions can be commercially viable with smaller, more operationally relevant satellites, Raymond said. “We want to build a very fused connection with commercial industry.”

• In its first year, the Space Force transferred personnel and commissioned cadets to the service; published doctrine and set up monitoring systems to track space debris; fleshed out training and submitted recommendations to Congress about how to update the space acquisition process. “This second year is all about integration and integrating this force,” Raymond said. “It’s driving the car that we built.” Space Force is ready to move on to bolstering behavioral norms with international allies and launching more assets into space.

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