What is mutilating cows in the Midwest? FBI probed thousands of reports of cattle killed with ‘surgical precision’ since the early 1970s

  • Since the early 1970s, thousands of cow murders and mutilations have reportedly taken place in the Midwest
  • Reports include cattle having ears, lips, eyes, noses, anuses and genitalia removed with ‘surgical precision’ 
  • Conflicting theories abound – some believe either aliens or the government are responsible for the mutilations, or ‘mutes’, which have also been reported across the US and abroad
  • The FBI attempted to investigate the incidents but were largely unsuccessful due to ‘lack of jurisdiction’

On a bright, sunny morning in the summer of 1973, Ron and Paula Watson, two farmers in Springfield, Missouri, witnessed something that changed their lives forever.

It was an alien abduction, they say. But not of a human – of cattle.

They said they saw a ‘green, cone-shaped craft’ – next to which two ‘silver little beings’ were standing over a large black cow.

‘I told Ron, ‘My god, they got a cow! What are they doing to it?’ Paula said. ‘It had its eyes open and its tongue was like, hanging out a little bit. But it just laid there and it didn’t move.’

She described in detail how she saw the aliens running their hands over the cow and then inspecting their long fingers before they ‘floated’ it into their large ship in the distance.

Their neighbors never believed their story, though one did admit to having one black cow left unaccounted for.  The Watsons’ story sounds like something out of an early science-fiction film – but it became one of many stories of alien and UFO sightings used to explain the thousands of cow mutilations reported across the United States in the 1970s. 

Full article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4651410/Cattle-mutilation-40-YEARS-stumps-FBI-farmers.html

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